OPJ - 1st Edition

Overpriced Jin

OPJ began as a thank you gift to listeners and guests of the Overpriced JPEGs podcast. We got so much great feedback that we’re opening it up to everyone. Our goal is to push the boundaries of web3 brand-building, while ~surprising and delighting~ our holders at every turn. The mint is closed, but you can purchase on secondary at OpenSea by clicking the Mint button below.

Price:  Mint Closed


What's included

The "OPJ" art was created by Amber Vittoria, a notable New York-based artist and poet known for her simple abstracted forms, ribbons of vibrant colors, and work that aims to represent the nuances of womanhood. Each OPJ NFT comes with… * 🍾 The right to redeem a bottle of Overpriced Jin. Redeemable Q1 2023 (geographic restrictions apply, see FAQ below) * 🎟 A ticket (maybe 2 😉) to a series of 2023 Overpriced events (IRL + virtual) * 🎨 Amber Vittoria artwork (on the NFT and bottle) * Tonic. Really good tonic. Cans of Q Mixers Spectacular Tonic! * 🍸 First 200 token buyers get a super premium Olive Brine (from Filthy Foods) - great for those who love a Dirty Martini * Entrance to the OPJ NFT ecosystem! (What does this mean? Who knows!)

OPJ Gin by Liquid Collections

About the Gin

OPJ is a smooth, premium American-style gin. It leads with juniper quickly softened by 11 other botanicals. Juicy citrus, sweet, bright herbal, and a hint of black pepper. It is an approachable, aromatic, and sweet spirit ideal for mixing in gin-forward cocktails. Each Bottle Comes with… * Amber Vittoria artwork on-label * Free cans of Spectacular Tonic from Q Mixers - make yourself a drink! * A special on-label message from Carly Distilled and bottled in Eugene, OR 750 mL / 86 proof (43% alcohol)

Overpriced JPEGs

About Overpriced JPEGs

Overpriced JPEGs is a leading podcast and newsletter covering NFTs, web3, and the creator economy. The title started as a cheeky commentary on people who misunderstand NFTs (“they’re just overpriced jpegs”). But now it is a commentary on… everything. Where does “value” come from? Beyond the basics (food, water, shelter), why does anyone buy $500 sweaters, $100 bottles of wine, $50 baseball cards, or $10 million paintings? Everything is overpriced to someone. The Overpriced brand is about moving beyond naive understandings of web3. It’s about being misunderstood, contrarian, and a little irreverent. If you’re gonna drink at all, it might as well be Overpriced.

How It Works

Mint Your Token

Mint your token by purchasing directly with ETH via an Ethereum wallet. Your OPJ token will be authentically stored on the blockchain.

Hold (or gift) your token

Hold your OPJ token to unlock Overpriced JPEGs community benefits (e.g., events, access, and gin). Start planning the first mouth-watering OPJ gin cocktail you will mix -- Jin & Tonic, Martini, Negroni, Last Word, you decide.

Redeem and Receive

Stay tuned for the redemption window to open (March). Decide when you'd like to receive your Overpriced Jin, redeem it, and we will send your bottle. Prepare mixers and fresh ice for its arrival.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is OPJ gin a good gift?
Heck yeah! Who wouldn't love receiving a cool NFT and then a bottle of gin?
When can I receive the physical products/bottles?
A redemption window will open approximately 90 days after the mint date and remain open for two years. Once redemption is available, you will return to this page, click redeem, validate that you own the specific liquid-backed token and provide your shipping instructions.
Can I sell my token after redeeming it for my product(s)?
Once you redeem the products associated with your token, you can still keep or sell your NFT. After redemption your NFT will visually indicate that there are no longer any physical products associated with it.
Where do you ship to?
Wine and Spirits products can only be shipped via our retail partners to certain states in the US, which include AZ, CA, CT, CO, DC, DE, FL, GA, ID, IL, IN, KY, LA, MD, MS, NC, NE, NH, NJ, NM, NV, NY, OH, OK, OR, PA, RI, SC, TX, VA, WA, and WI. We do not ship internationally at this time.
Are there any shipping costs?
Yes. There is a flat-rate, subsidized shipping cost of $15 per package for shipments made to specific states in the US to which shipments can be made.
How long do deliveries take?
Orders will be processed each week by our partner and shipment times will vary based on when redemption is made and the location to where the package is being shipped.
What happens if I sell my token?
If you sell your token on OpenSea or another third-party marketplace, your liquid-backed token and the right to products (if not redeemed) will automatically be transferred to the buyer. The NFT will no longer appear in your wallet and you will not be able to redeem it, gift it or sell it again.
Do I need to be 21 to purchase this?
Yes. While we cannot age-gate the NFT purchase. You must prove that you are 21+ in order to redeem and receive a bottle of Overpriced Jin.

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